L.I.F.E. Training Plan

Love & Intensity for  Future Excellence

LIFE Training is a limited liability corporation, that supports Potential Players Foundation, in its’ mission to assist athletes in preparing to excel in their desired sport.

LIFE Training works as a supplemental training with both male and female athletes. This training is built to help athletes become more flexible, more agile, and more explosive. LT uses a variety of training techniques to help athlete’s achieve their desired results from their hard work.

LT uses Sand and Hill Training to help athletes improve their burst, and explosiveness. LT also uses a variety of agility drills to improve footwork and foot coordination. LT has helped hundreds of athletes improve their 40 yard, and 60 yard dash times; by teaching proper running techniques, and showing athletes how to improve their stride length, and stride frequency. LT partners with PureFormance, and Fit Physique training facilities, to give athletes a well rounded training plan to help improve overall performance. One on One Training, Small Group and Large Group Training are all available.

Brian Butler is the founder/coordinator of LIFE Training L.L.C. Brian has traveled throughout the country to meet with the top strength coaches at some of our nation’s top universities. He and his training partners, consistently meet with N.F.L. players, trainers and strength coaches to keep pace with the new techniques, drills, and equipment; in the ever evolving world of training. Take a look at the testimonials to see some quotes from some of the parents, coaches, and athletes that we’ve worked with in the past.


“Life Training workouts were an outstanding addition to my two sons off-season. As a former player, parent and a coach, I witnessed my sons become better & better almost immediately and make huge strides that took them to the next level of preparation. Brian approaches each workout with an extreme passion to help kids and a knowledge base that creates a highly conducive atmosphere for each athlete to reach their untapped full potential.” “This is one of the best athletic training and performance movement opportunities out there and is definitely a big time workout program. It is a must for serious players”.

Coach Roger Foltz, Rose Hill High School
Sons Blaize and Brady are offensive lineman at TCU.

 “My son has been a part of the Potential Players and LIFE training program for about four years, he is a junior in high school. Brian has been a role model and a positive fixture in his life since the 7th grade. My family and I are very grateful for what the Potential Players and LIFE training program has done for him. Brian is an excellent trainer, and mentor. With four years of watching him with our so\ and the other young men. We have begun to realize he is not only preparing them to compete in their sport, but that he is preparing them to compete in life. Brian’s Life Training program has mentored our son, and has proven positive results. We have seen our son mature over the years, and really enjoy his interaction with Brian, and the other athletes. Brian’s goal is to get the best out of his athletes. He stresses mental awareness, mental toughness, flexibility, speed, agility, strength, stamina, and making decision while being tired, and when the kids want to quit because they are tired, he pushes them to give that extra burst, or that extra pushup.. He encourages the athletes to give their best. We know that when Brian is training our son, we’re getting the best training available. We have seen people come from all over Kansas to seeking his expertise. Brian has train student athletes that have committed to colleges all over the country, and the list continues to grow. Our son is being trained to compete on technique, at a pace at which college coaches, and recruiters are looking for. Brian, thank you for everything you have done for our son. The Potential Players and LIFE training year round program really has helped him in becoming one of the premier linemen in Wichita. We would highly recommend any athlete of any sport to use the Potential Players and LIFE training program, it will help them mentally and physically to compete in college.”

Tim and Twanda Hamilton
Parents of Tim Hamilton Jr.- Kapaun Mt. Carmel